Are you spending too much on your calibration gas supply?


Now, you’re using multiple suppliers in different locations around the world. That means different prices, varying levels of customer service and reliability, and a whole lot of paperwork.

It doesn’t need to be that way!

FastCalGas is your simplified solution for all of your calibration gas supply needs. One supplier, with global hubs: minimize your administration costs and maximize your profits. We deliver wherever you need your calibration gas – that’s a promise. If your vessel misses the delivery through no fault of its own, we’ll re-deliver to the next stop, free of charge.

You can always remain confident that FastCalGas cylinders will work with your current gas detection calibration equipment: we GUARANTEE compatibility. If you’re not sure about this, be sure to talk to us – we’ll source all the parts you need for a smooth connection.

FastCalGas mixtures have a unique 27 month shelf life – that’s the longest available on the market! That means you can take advantage of bulk orders and stay confident that your calibration gas will remain in date for a very long time ahead. Think about it: a two year supply with just one delivery? Thousands of dollars saved!

FastCalGas tri-gas precision calibration gas mixtures come in two cylinder sizes and the following combinations:

  • 10ppm H2S, 1.4% CH4, 15% O2/N2
  • 25ppm H2S, 1.1% C3H8, 19% O2/N2
  • 50ppm H2S, 0.9% C4H10, 8% O2/N2
  • 50ppm H2S, 0.9% C4H10, 18% O2/N2

If you don’t see the tri-gas mixture you need – get in touch.