We pride ourselves on making your gas detection compliance as easy as possible. That’s why we offer a range of personal gas detection solutions: equip your vessels with the right equipment for each type class IMO/SOLAS legislation requirement with ease.

Our portable gas detectors come in two types: single gas and multiple gas detection. Whether you need to test for oxygen or hydrogen sulphide individually, or multiple gases at once, we’ve got you sorted.

Our multiple gas detectors are MED approved, ensuring you’re fully compliant with any flag state requirement. Whether you want to test for four standard gas types or include a fifth bespoke gas – both are possible! The Marine 4 portable gas detector will alert for unsafe levels of flammable gas, hydrogen sulphide, oxygen and carbon monoxide. The Marine 5 tests for all of those but – you guessed it – you can add a fifth gas of your choosing from a wide range of possibilities.

We don’t just do personal portable gas detectors, either. The Marine Tankscape kit is designed exclusively for the safe testing of tanks without risking your crew safety. The inerted cargo tank and confined space gas detector uses infra-red technology with super simple software for easy detection, analysis, and action planning.

Finally, ensure you’re always fully calibrated and certificated at any time with our on-board self-calibration self-certification stations for the Marine 4 and Marine 5. Never again face fines for out-of-date certificates, or delays in port while waiting for calibration. Do it anywhere, anytime!