Oxygen is essential gas to regularly test for in confined spaces, cargo loading, and while carrying hazardous cargo. As part of SOLAS regulation your type class is likely to have mandatory testing for oxygen levels – it’s a matter of personal safety as well as that of your fleet and cargo.

That means you’re going to be getting through a LOT of calibration gas to ensure your gas detection equipment is operating to full efficiency. Pretty costly, isn’t it?

Not anymore! With FastCalGas as your supplier, you will minimise your administration costs (and headaches!): we can deliver anywhere in the world, so you don’t need to source local suppliers anymore. What makes it even more impressive is this: our unique 27 month shelf life means you can order just one delivery every two years. Think of the delivery savings!

Our FastCalGas team are dedicated to making sure you’re not wasting money – or calibration gas. That’s why we guarantee compatibility with your gas detection testing equipment: we’ll supply the correct conversion regulator to ensure you can use our cylinders.

We’ll deliver anywhere you need it – and if you miss a stop due to circumstances beyond your control (such as poor weather), we’ll guarantee your calibration gas will be waiting for you at your next port.

FastCalGas oxygen precision calibration gas mixture comes in two cylinder sizes, and in the following mixtures:

  • 0.2% O2/N2
  • 0.4% O2/N2
  • 0.5% O2, 12% CO2.N2
  • 1% O2/N2
  • 1.5% O2/N2
  • 2% O2/N2
  • 4% O2/N2
  • 5% O2/N2
  • 8% O2/N2
  • 10% O2/N2
  • 12% O2/N2
  • 15% O2/N2
  • 18% O2/N2
  • 20.8% O2/N2

If you can’t find the combination you’re looking for, let us know: we also offer bespoke mixtures.