Hazardous gas iso-butylene ain’t fun at dangerous levels – that’s why your gas detection equipment is set to test for it! Are you keeping your equipment fully calibrated at all times? If not… things could turn pretty bad pretty quickly.

The doom-mongering over, let’s take a look at your calibration gas supply solution. You’re probably currently relying on local suppliers in various locations around the world to ensure you have delivery of your calibration gas as and when you need it.

But how much is that really costing you? Thousands and thousands of dollars! We’re so sure of this – because we’ve done the sums and have come up with a way to save you tons of time – and cash.

FastCalGas simplifies your supply. All of your calibration gas needs in one place – delivered to any location! It really is as simple as that.

We offer three unique guarantees:

Our 27 month shelf life on most mixtures enables you to save on administration and delivery costs (you can even have just one delivery made for two whole years’ supply if you want!).

We’ll get your calibration gas to your anywhere you need it – thanks to our worldwide hubs, we’re your reliable local supply, everywhere in the world!

We promise our FastCalGas cylinders will be compatible with your existing gas detection testing equipment. Yes, that’s any type: we can provide conversion regulators to solve any compatibility issues.

FastCalGas iso-butylene precision calibration gas mixture comes in one cylinder size (103St) and the following combinations:

  • 10ppm i-C4H8/Air
  • 100ppm i-C4H8/Air

If you don’t see the mixture you need, let us know. We offer bespoke mixtures on some gas combinations!