FastCalGas Iso-Butane Calibration Gas is available in a range of mixtures and sizes to suit your needs. As part of our customer service promise, we guarantee compatibility of our gas cylinders with your equipment: we’ll even supply conversion regulators if you need them!

FastCalGas promises to simplify your supply with our 1-2-1 solution: order up to two years’ of calibration gas in one order. Whether you want one delivery (to save on costs) or multiple deliveries to vessels as-and-when you need them, it’s up to you!

We promise to make you savings on your calibration gas needs when you use FastCalGas supply – and you’ll save even more when using our cylinders in conjunction with the ABC stations on offer with ZERO wastage! You currently waste far too much time on administration and delivery arrangements – but 1-2-1 with FastCalGas eliminates the problem.

Think a two year supply will run out of date before you can use it? Think again! We offer a unique 27 month shelf life on most of our mixtures – so you can buy at the best price and store safe in the knowledge it’ll still be ready to use later on.

FastCalGas precision calibration gas is guaranteed to make you savings, simplify your supply, AND minimise calibration gas wastage. We promise to deliver your gas wherever you need it, whenever you need it. If, due to something beyond your control (hurricanes, anyone?), your delivery is missed, we promise to get it to you at your next port. Never be without calibration gas again!

FastCalGas Iso-Butane Calibration Gas comes in two sizes and the following combinations:

  • 0.9% (50% LEL), iC4H10/Air
  • 8% iC4H10/N2
  • 10% iC4H10/N2