Our intelligent fixed gas detection systems offer a comprehensive solution for any vessel requiring a reliable multi-gas system. Whether you need to test air conditioning inlets or cargo pump rooms for dangerous levels of flammable or hazardous gases, the MM2000 is Martek Marine’s leading product.

We build our fixed gas detection systems in -house, so we can ensure your solution is tailored to your vessel’s specific needs. We’ll also then come to install it on your vessel at a date, time, and place suited to you. That means we’ll come to you anywhere in the world to make sure our system is safely and quickly installed on your ship.

Fixed gas detection systems are a requirement for some type class vessels, but are recommended for a much wider range of ships for increased crew, cargo, and vessel safety. Unlike portable gas detection solutions, which are worn by individuals going into confined or dangerous spaces, a fixed system will be on the alert at all times.You’ll be able to rest assured that key areas such as your cargo pump room or refrigerated tanks will be monitored 24/7 and at the very first sign of trouble you’ll know.

Whether you need one or 32 sensor points, the MM2000 system can be tailored exactly to your requirements. That means you’re getting a bespoke addressable fixed gas detection system to make sure your vessel is covered to all SOLAS requirements – no need to worry about compliance, we’re proud to guarantee it for yo