FastCalGas is designed to save you thousands of dollars every year – at the minimum!

Now you’re using multiple local suppliers for your calibration gas. That’s a lot of administration, a lot of negotiation on price, and a lot of deliveries.

You can save yourself thousands of dollars – and thousands of hours in administration time, too! FastCalGas is your local supplier, anywhere in the world. We have global hubs with large calibration gas stocks – which means delivery to wherever you want it.

Our mixtures boast a unique 27 month shelf life – the longest on the market. That means you can take advantage of ordering plenty of stock well in advance, and making the most of bulk discounts and reduced deliveries. One delivery for two years’ supply? It’s completely possible! Think about how much time, money, and effort that saves you.

We promise that your gas detection calibration equipment will be compatible with our FastCalGas cylinders. If you’re not sure then give us a call – we’ll make sure to source the right parts so you have a seamless connection between cylinder and equipment.

If you really want to save even more money, check out the Marine 4 and Marine 5 self-certification self-calibration stations. When used with a FastCalGas cylinder, you’re GUARANTEED to never waste a single drop of calibration gas. That’ll save you an incredible amount of cash every single year!

FastCalGas five gas precision calibration gas mixtures are available in 58AI cylinder size, and the following gas combinations:

  • 10ppm H2S, 300ppm CO, 1.45% CH4, 2.5% CO2, 15%, O2/N2
  • 15ppm H2S, 50ppm CO, 2% CO2, 2.5% CH4, 18% O2/N2
  • 15ppm H2S, 50ppm CO, 2% CO2, 0.4% C3H8, 18% O2/N2