Crew Welfare is not just about providing entertainment, communications and a social environment to work in. Crew Welfare taken one step further is the focus on providing safety equipment that you can rely on.

Blue Sky Marine has partnered with Martek Marine to bring you trusted, quality and cost effective equipment direct to your doorstep.

Drinksafe ™| Blue Sky Marine

Drinksafe™ is easy-to-use, accurate potable water testing kit designed to last 12 MONTHS & meet all compliance requirements, including GUARANTEED compliance with MLC 2006.

Being the easiest to use and most cost-effective kits on the market, there’s good reason that the world’s largest shipping companies trust Drinksafe™ to take care of the well-being of their crew and passengers

Lifeforce® | Blue Sky Marine

Lifeforce AED is the only marine approved device for the job. Tested to IP55 rating and to rugged military standards, the simple to use device can be operated by anyone in an emergency. Spoken instructions guide the user to aid the patient at each step, including a metronome for CPR cycles.