Carbon Monoxide is a dangerous killer on-board ships – with no smell, it’s difficult to detect until it’s too late. Make sure your personal gas detection equipment is fully calibrated at all times to prevent accidental carbon monoxide deaths on your vessel.

FastCalGas carbon monoxide precision calibration gas is designed to work with ANY gas detection equipment. Even if you think your current equipment won’t work with our cylinders, give us a call: we can arrange compatibility conversion regulators to make sure our gas works for you.

With FastCalGas you can simplify your supply: only one supplier for all of your calibration gas needs. No more confusing administration, no more repetitive (expensive!) deliveries from different suppliers for the same vessel.

Instead, our 27 month shelf life calibration gas enables you to order a full two year supply in the confidence that it’ll always be within date for us on-board your vessels.

When used in conjunction with the Marine 4 or Marine 5 self-certification self-calibration station, you’re GUARANTEED to never waste a single droplet of your calibration gas ever again.

Two further guarantees set us apart from your existing calibration gas suppliers:

  1. One supply for all of your calibration gas GUARANTEES to save you thousands every year in administration and delivery costs
  2. We’ll make sure your calibration gas reaches your vessel anywhere in the world – whenever you need it.

FastCalGas Carbon Monoxide precision calibration gas cylinders come in two sizes and the following combinations:

  • 50ppm CO/Air
  • 50ppm CO/N2
  • 60ppm CO/Air
  • 100ppm CO/N2
  • 100ppm CO/Air
  • 200ppm CO/N2
  • 200ppm CO/Air
  • 250ppm CO/N2
  • 300ppm CO/Air