When you use our calibration gas you’re guaranteed compatibility. If you’re not sure whether our butane calibration gas cylinders will fit with your current equipment, give us a call! We’ll work with you to make sure you have the right conversion regulator attachment to guarantee our gas works with your equipment.

Butane calibration gas from FastCalGas comes with several guarantees:

  • We promise it’s compatible with your equipment
  • We’ll get it to you anywhere in the world
  • If a delivery is missed due to something out of your control (diversion due to bad weather, for example), we’ll make sure it reaches you at your next port
  • Long shelf life of every cylinder ensures your calibration gas is always in date

We’ll work out your bespoke calibration gas proposal to make sure you’re making the most of the savings available to you – never pay more than you have to! With our FastCalGas simplified supply, you’ll find great reliability, guaranteed compatibility, and a wide range of long-life mixtures – all leading to massive savings and hugely reduced administration costs.

With our 1-2-1 solution, you can order your butane calibration gas alongside all of your other calibration gas requirements in one go. You’ll save thousands of dollars in administration costs, and thanks to up to 27 months shelf life (for reactive mixtures), a single delivery will simplify your supply.

Butane Calibration Gas is available in two cylinder sizes and the following combinations:

  • 0.65% C4H10/Air
  • 0.9% (50% LEL) C4H10/Air
  • 0.9% C4H10/Air, 18% O2/N2
  • 8% C4H10/N2
  • 8% C4H10, 13.8% CO2/N2
  • 8% C4H10, 15% CO2/N2
  • 10% C4H10/N2
  • 0.9% C4H10 (50% LEL), i-C4H10/Air