ABC – Always Be Calibrated Solution

A-B-C™ – Self-Certification / Calibration Station

  • ‘Bump’ tests detectors in thirty seconds – quick and simple calibration
  • Automatic calibration after any failed tests or when calibration is due 
  • Produces a tamper-proof calibration certificate acceptable to Class, Port State Control and Oil Majors.
  • Uses only minimum amount of gas necessary – saves money on wasted calibration gas from manual testing

Stop wasting your calibration gas and start slashing your calibration gas testing costs.

The Always Be Calibrated A-B-C system will ensure you never waste a droplet of calibration gas ever again. Our self-calibration self-certification bump test station only uses the exact amount of gas required to calibrate your gas detectors!

The A-B-C system delivers on-board automatic and fail-safe calibration and bump testing of your detectors during re-charging. The equipment automatically generates tamper-proof serial number specific calibration certificates, completely free from human intervention and error. Simply put the detectors in the A-B-C station and it does the rest.

In addition, the A-B-C solution provides you and your crews with unique training videos which give simple, step-by-step instructions on the set up, use and calibration of equipment.

Never again wait for on-shore certification: you’ll be able to produce instant, verifiable, tamper-proof certificates at any time at the touch of a button. Take the headache away from inspections and self-certificate your gas detection equipment whenever you need!

The A-B-C system provides everything you need in one kit for your gas detection compliance:

  • Marine4 specialist portable quad gas detector (Marine5 option available)
  • Self-calibration self-certification station
  • Upgrade and include Tankscape, our inerted cargo tank gas detection system


  • MED “wheel marked” – certified for use on all vessels.
  • Integral sampling pump – flexibility for pre-entry into deep tanks or holds.
  • ‘Crew-safe’ fail safe sensor technology.
  • Tough and impact resistant design, built to last on ships.


  • MED ‘wheel marked’ for use on ALL vessels
  • Up to 5 gases can be simultaneously measured and displayed
  • Simple calibration with tamper proof certificate printing on-board
  • Enhanced data logging with tank identification to simplify your monitoring analysis


  • World’s first 2 year shelf life – all quad, H2S and other reactive mixtures
  • Highest gas production standards in the world
  • Every cylinder analysed for quality
  • Only need one delivery of gas to your ships every two years